June 6


007 – The Outsource King – Jeff J Hunter

Before you hire ANYONE to be your VA… 🤔

There are a few things to consider, so you know you’re hiring a good match.

I call these guidelines, “The Three C’s of Outsourcing”:

1️⃣ Culture — Does their culture work well with yours, and that of your brand?

2️⃣ Competency — Can they actually deliver results?

3️⃣ Communication — Are they willing and able to regularly communicate with you and your team?

It’s important to answer those questions in that specific order, too.

For example, I won’t consider someone’s competency or communication if they don’t seem to be a good match culturally first

Once you’ve vetted your potential hires with the three C’s…

You’ll be one step closer to having your very own “A Team”. 🎯

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