August 30


Influencive: Why You Need to Implement the C.O.R.E Branding Method into Your Business with Jeff J. Hunter

Standing out in a crowded marketplace can be a tough task for a business. This is a problem so many entrepreneurs and businesses deal with on a daily basis.

To dive deeper into this dilemma and provide a solution, we got the opportunity to sit-down with branding expert Jeff J. Hunter where he told us what entrepreneurs need to make sure they stay relevant and top of mind to their prospective customers, and he provided this all in an easy to follow method. This is called the C.O.R. E. branding method.

A simple 4-step method that will allow you to break free and allow your brand a fighting chance at succeeding in a world that is full of noise.

Step 1: Connections

You need a deep emotional connection with your audience. Customers can see right through wishy-washy brands that are just feeding people what they want to hear and this is extremely prevalent today. Be real and genuine and get to know your audience. Start building the likeability factor.

Step 2: Omnipresence

You’ve heard this before but in a world of noise with people coming at you from different platforms, mediums, and angles you need to be top of mind for your customer on as many of these channels as possible. Your customers need to see you. Create that omnipresence layer for your brand.

Step 3: Relevance

In order for anyone to buy anything from you or to believe what you are teaching you need to be relevant. Relevance is a huge differentiating factor from brands that are just brands and ones that really crush it and make real money.

Step 4: Engagement

If you are impacting your audience in some way they will engage with you. This is a simple test to know if your brand is really hitting the right notes and touchpoints with prospects. Every like, comment and share means something and it builds more credibility for you and your brand resulting in them ultimately buying from you.

Put the C.O.R.E. Method into Use Right Now

Now that you’ve learned the C.O.R.E. branding method and how to make your brand stand out from others out there, start right now and put it into action.

There is so much noise out there and my guess is that your mom is texting you this right now as you finish this article. But just stop for a second.

Resist the urge to move onto the next thing calling for your attention and instead put these tips into action right now.

Jeff J. Hunter has laid out this method for entrepreneurs just like you searching for a competitive advantage and now you have it in front of you, so do the work. Build a connection with your audience, get them engaged and trusting you and when you do that, you will have an army of clients knocking on your door to purchase your next product or service.

There you have it, a formula for your brand to succeed starting right now.

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