August 30


Becoming “TikTok Famous” and how I got 150M+ Views & 3M+ Likes!

There are so many opportunities on emerging platforms if you have a Savage Marketing mindset.

Take a peek at this viral video with over 15 MILLION views. It was the most viral video on TikTok for 2 days and featured by popular media outlets and social channels for weeks!

Key Metrics:

Over 15 Million Views

2+ Million Likes

Almost 18,000 Comments

149,694 shares off the platform

Re-Shared and Reposted by Huge influencers

Engagement from Big-Name Brands like SteelSeries, Sour Patch Kids, and various celebrities and influencers.


Reply to @therealgeorgefloyed I mean, I did try to adult today. I'm working at it harder every day ##pcgamer ##pcgamers

♬ Adult money probs - 2tallhall

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