June 6


Five Ways To Sharpen Your Company’s Competitive Edge To Retain Top Talent

Is job hopping becoming the new norm? It sure seems that way. Although there are plenty of reasons for changing jobs, one of the most popular reasons for leaving may be a bad commute.

Since many professionals — especially younger ones — are open to taking new job opportunities as they come, businesses can benefit from putting strategies in place to keep top talent from moving on. To that end, five members of Forbes San Francisco Business Council shared their top tips for remaining attractive and competitive as employers in order to retain talent.

1. Build A Family-Friendly Workplace

Many new parents are millennials, so building a culture that attracts and retains parents is a huge competitive advantage for employers. For example, we have flexible hours, the ability to work from home, maternity and paternity leave and a comfortable lactation room. – Sara Mauskopf, Winnie

2. Give Millennials Purpose

I’ve found that millennials don’t just want a job: They want a sense of purpose and to have a positive impact on our world. While it might not be easy for all businesses to offer a job that benefits a cause, there is always a way to do good, such as encouraging employees to volunteer, making sure that the company is environmentally sustainable, or donating or supporting causes. – Sylvain Kalache, Holberton School

3. Be Flexible With Commutes

In an economy as strong as ours, it’s critical to focus on employee satisfaction; and in the Bay Area, commute times are a killer. Leaders can provide flexibility with work-from-home schedules and flexible hours in order to be competitive. They can also optimize work-from-home time with upgraded video conferencing tools and televisions in the office to make everyone “feel” more connected.  – Cameron Jacox, Lark Technologies, Inc.

4. Offer Them Growth Opportunities

One common mistake we see is companies focusing solely on pay to attract talent. Research has shown that the top predictor of workplace satisfaction is not pay but factors like culture, values, quality of leadership and career opportunities. Companies should inspire their teams with a broader mission and also support their learning and development to keep the most talented employees engaged. – Christine Tao, Sounding Board, Inc

5. Offer Your Team “Remote Days”

Think of how much time is spent in traffic every day. Even if it’s only an hour each way, that turns your day into a 10–12-hour day. Most work we do these days can be done as long as you have the internet, your laptop and your sanity. An exciting incentive you can offer to your team is the ability to have “remote days” to work from their home office — as long as you set expectations. – Jeff J Hunter, BrandedMedia.io

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