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Hi, my name is Trisha Leconte and I’m the Creative Director and Partner of Brandedmedia. I decided to become a business owner because way back when I used to be a software engineer I got my master’s in Software Engineering I thought I was going to do that forever. But when my dad was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, I took it upon myself to do all the research and talk to experts and I realized that there were so many more opportunities that were not taught about. So in my mind, I had this huge question about how come we’re not being taught the things that we need to know to be successful, to be in optimal health. So I decided that I was going to quit my job and give up all the software engineering and things that I was doing so that I could be of service to people and teach them things that they need to know to become more successful.

I’m all about helping people and entrepreneurs to really understand all the opportunities that exist to them at the start of my company. My mission was to really work with newer coaches to really help them to build a brand just to like to get started and to expose themselves to all these opportunities that they can have. Once they become more known, but now my mission really is to work with experts who are not recognized in their space but really good at doing what they’re doing and getting a lot of good results for their clients but how do they get access to even greater opportunities to make a huge impact.

One of the things that I’m passionate about is helping entrepreneurs to really find what their message is and then turn that message into a movement and become super attractive to their audience. When we talk about branding, a lot of people think branding is okay, what defines me? What is my message? What does my visual brand look like? What are the colors and typography and logo and then what’s my website look like? But at Brandedmedia, we take it a step further and we talk about, okay who do you need to be aligned with to build strategic partnerships with so that other experts can see you as an expert. Therefore, you become a recognized expert.

I love this idea of rising to the level of iconic. How do you become iconic in your field and that’s who we’re serving people who are ready for that.

My strongest leadership trait has to be leveraged this whole idea of leveraging out. I used to be one of those people who loved to do everything myself which was my own issue. I was in my own way and now that I understand that I can leverage out.  I actually can reach my goals a lot faster and I’ve made huge, huge, huge strides in my company by being able to leverage out and giving other people the opportunity to do things that I may not actually be that good at.

If my wildest dreams came true, I think I would still live here in Austin. My family’s here. I love my mom, I love my sister and so, I would definitely stay here and what I would be doing I think of myself as being one of those really great connectors.

I really am passionate about building relationships with people and I want to be that person to really help out other business owners and entrepreneurs to really just connect them so to give them more opportunities to be successful. I also love mentoring, so I would spend my days just relaxing and just mentoring people not even that at charge, right just being able to be of service and helping people.

My name is Trisha Leconte and I’m the Creative Director and Partner at Brandedmedia.

Come check us out at brandedmedia.io.


Trisha Leconte

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