The EXACT Methods My Team and I use to Grow Over 100 Successful Brands on Social Media…

How to strategically sell any product, or service without being a D-bag.

Peter Lynch


I got a huge jump in engagement. Would estimate it to be around an instant 200% jump in engagement. And not just more likes, comments and shares, but all of the engagements were also more meaningful. People connected to my posts in a much more significant and meaningful way after the method was implemented. That means more revenue and a more rapid ability to build thought leadership.

Peter Lynch Founder & CEO | Hitch Studio

Social Copy Secrets

I'm going to show you how:

To craft the “Perfect” post to create exponential engagement on your posts.

To generate leads on social media using proven psychologic triggers.

To DOMINATE the news feed and “harness” the algorithm to stay on top!

To make create posts that people can't help but comment on. (The Comment Tree Post)

Like Copy-and-Paste Templates?

I'm also going to throw these in - along with training on how to use them!

My Exact Checkout Page Copy

$127 value - will work on WordPress, Clickfunnels, PayKickstart & more!

PROVEN Testimonial Script

$97 value - get the best testimonials from your clients / students. I used this exact script to get 37 testimonials in 48 hours.

The Exact Script I Use to “CLOSE A DEAL” on Facebook

$197 value - complete post to close script with downloadable script template

Learn How to Solve These Problems:

  • Creating the right type of content to post (without being too salesy).
  • Doing the follow-up from social posts.
  • Knowing best call to actions to make people “TAKE ACTION” on your posts.
  • How to engage with your audience to create “predictable” and repeat engagement post after post.
  • How to transition from a social post to a sale
  • How to turn your social media networks into PREDICTABLE income sources through copy.
Shayla Locklear


Copywriting is part of what I do and the services I offer as a coach/consultant. I had decent like and comments and I was a little arrogant in thinking what more could Jeff teach me. My first time using the method to write a post my engagement went out the roof!!! I would have to say my likes and comment quadrupled at the very least. Definitely made a believer out of me. This is now one of the tools that I don’t go without in my business. I have clients reaching out to me more and more to help them with their messaging. And this is all organic through FB, Insta and LinkedIn. I’m selling more high end programs organically using the clear method.

Shayla LocklearMarketing Consultant


You will have the opportunity to participate in 3 LIVE 60-90 minute workshops you will be able to attend LIVE with downloadable worksheets in “Work-a-Long” format with Q&A session.


The infamous “CLEAR”
Copywriting Workshop

My PROVEN Method to Create Winning Social Posts. ($297 value)

EVERGREEN Content Workshop

I'll show you how to create a months of content in a single day. ($197 value)

Target Audience Workshop

Dial in your audience and understand EXACTLY how to write copy that makes them pull out their wallet. ($197 Value)

And like if that wasn't enough?

There's going to be a PRIVATE Facebook group JUST for the “Social Copy Secrets” Pilot program ($ Priceless Interactions)

Social Selling Certification

When you finish the program you will receive an actual certification you can to hang on your wall.

You will be able to sell any valuable product or service “Social Selling Copywriter” Certification.

Aubrey Ibele


I used to get about 7 likes (maybe 1-2 comments) and I had a post get 60+ likes/reactions and 65 comments. Since using the strategy it has almost 10x my likes reactions and 30x my comments. This gave me the opportunity to interact with more people/people I have never talked to, got more people asking for help/guidance, pushed my content in front of a wider audience (greater visibility), positioned me as a person of authority, AND (the best part) people are now contacting me on other platforms asking for products/resources because I have a larger presence on Facebook + have seen me.

Aubrey Ibele CEO & Founder | KETO BODY


To be a part of the Social Copy Secrets Program…

The Public Offer
"Everyone Else"



✔️ If you are ready to start making a huge impact on social media…

✔️ If you are ready to grow a following who can't resist your social content.

✔️ If you are committed to growing your brand (for yourself and/or your business).


If you follow my methods taught in “Social Copy Secrets” and can send me screenshots of your posts not getting traction, I will refund your money 100%.

I have had 100% success rate on the CLEAR Copywriting program…

My goal is to have a 100% success rate for 100 people in the “Social Copy Secrets” pilot program.

BUT - There's a catch to join the "Social Copy Secrets" Program

You MUST give permission to use your success as a case study I will feature on my live presentations, webinars, and ads.

If you are NOT willing to let me share your success story to the world - then I forbid it.

There will be a check box on purchase that requires your participation in a success story about your results in the program.

I am committed to your success.

Le-an Lacaba


Before the strategy, I would get only 1-3 comments on a post, now 30-50 likes, with 5-8 comments, and 3-5 private messages. The biggest one is that it's given me the confidence to refine my voice and what my message is. It has basically helped me solidify my brand and what I want to say.
Because of this I've been able to write my speech and got a speaking gig, and hopefully more!

Le-An Lacaba CEO | BLNVP Inc

About the Creator  | Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter | Your Host

Jeff is the Chief Growth Officer of Branded Media where he creates solid, recognizable, legacy driven personal brands for legitimate companies and influencers.

Branded Media is on its way to being the #1 branding agency in the world.

Jeff J Hunter and the Branded Media team build personal brands for CEO’s and founders of companies who are ready to leverage their business accomplishments to become a true influencer.

They also execute proven “working now” brand strategy, re-brands, and makeovers for funded startups and businesses that have good cash flow, wide margins, and high potential.

Over the last half decade, and 1000+ paying clients later, Jeff has tested and perfected proven branding strategies, processes, and systems. It is these strategies his team will be executing for you.